Wishbone Theatre Productions

2023 Production

We are committed to delivering shows that rattle historical bones, rile up local issues, tickle familial funny bones, and connect us all to the wonders of living in a global village and a small mountain village all at once.

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The Last Good Valley on Earth

Wishbone Theatre sends out thanks and gratitude to Cast and Crew for your superb commitment and creative contribution to our show – THE LAST GOOD VALLEY ON EARTH (A play about the end of the world as you never imagined) Postponed due to Covid 19 Stay tuned for the resurrection.

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Our cabarets and plays explore topical and historical issues, different theatrical styles, and engage artists both locally and from farther afield

The Last Good Valley On Earth

Imagine this: A world collapse, a love story, Alpha Tec humans, a swamp creature, a sad clown, a digitally designed kitty, an asteroid carnival act, fabulous cabaret music, and you have a play that welcomes you into The End of the World as you never imagined it!

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A play about money and revenge, centered on one woman’s return to a small town to face her tragic past, with a 100 million dollar lottery win in her pocket.

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Minnie and the Mob

A gender-bending, lawless cabaret, set in the Roaring Twenties era, inspired by colourful characters gathered from local history

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Hunter of Peace

A historical drama, celebrating the life of explorer Mary Schaffer Warren, one of the first women to explore the Rocky Mountains on horseback in the early 1900’s

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