Committed to the Community

Wishbone is committed to working with other non-profit arts and culture organizations in the Robson Valley, sharing resources and a networking framework that supports and strengthens cultural programs and social activities in our communities.

Community and Outreach Programs

  • Teaching and mentoring theatre and music programs in both secondary and elementary schools here in the valley.
  • Collaborating with other community organizations
    • A WOMB WITH A VIEW- MATERNAL DIALOGUES– Written by women in the Robson Valley of all ages, and edited for stage by members of the Theatre Collective, these monologues explored birthing stories and maternal issues specific to the Robson Valley. Two thirds of our box office revenue was donated to Valemount’s Robson Valley Community Services to help implement maternal care programs in the valley.

Who we are

Wishbone Theatre Productions was incorporated as a non-profit theatre society in December 2001. For our productions we employ both local artists and crew, as well as, draw on larger professional networks outside the valley.

Since 2003, Wishbone has been creating and producing new work at various venues throughout B.C.

As of 2008, Wishbone has been working with the Robson Valley Theatre Collective, creating plays that explore history and the many issues regarding life in small B.C. communities.

Why we are

  • To promote arts and culture in the Robson Valley
  • To engage our community and provide an opportunity for people to celebrate who we are with high quality cultural events.
  • To encourage local pride in arts.
  • To give recognition of the value of arts and culture in our community.
  • To encourage local leadership, positive attitudes and local entrepreneurs to invest time and resources.
  • Development of the arts encourages economic diversification.

Robson Valley Theatre Collective

Our collective is made up of theatre artists and musicians who work with playwright Sharon Stearns to create our shows, It takes six months to a year of focused, collective work to develop our material, from idea through to performance. Our shows are accessible to the Robson Valley and further afield. They are family-friendly, offer provocative themes and ideas, with wide appeal. Every show we create continues to be an education process where we search for ways to bring in an increasingly diverse audience, audiences that may be surprised to see the play they are watching is making a visceral connection in their lives. We challenge ourselves to create topical, edgy performance pieces that can act as a catalyst for community engagement.

Our Core Collaborators

Bob Thompson

Monica Zieper

Miwa Hiroe

Bridget Uhl

Shara Gustafson

Sarah McCrea

Seth MacDonald

Sharon Stearns

Sharon Stearns

Artistic Producer

Playwright, actor, producer, freelance and short fiction writer. Sharon has been creating and producing original theatre events in the Robson Valley since 2008. She also works as a professional theatre artist with companies across Canada. She has been playwright-in-residence at the University of Regina, Passe Muraille Theatre in Toronto, Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg and Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops. Her plays have been produced at Passe Muraille, Western Canada Theatre, The Belfry Theatre, Catalyst Theatre, Theatre Network, the Globe Theatre, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Alberta Theatre Projects, Caravan Farm Theatre and Playwrights Theatre Centre

Her abiding interest has always been collective theatre creation and her professional, as well as her community experience, is focused on projects where work is collaboratively made to resonate with both artists and audience.