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“We are committed to delivering shows that rattle historical bones, rile up local issues, tickle familial funny bones, and connect us all to the wonders of living in a global village and a small mountain village all at once.”

–  Sharon Stearns
Cast of Minnie and the Mob

What's Happening

Coming June 2024

Wishbone Theatre Presents


Come on out to the Dunster Schoolhouse for this workshop with award winning burlesque dancer and theatre artist -LeTabby Lexington! Celebrate dance for all bodies, shapes, sizes, ages, genders and abilities!

Led by award-winning Burlesque dancer and theatre artist –

11 am – 5 pm
No experience necessary
One day – $30 Two days – $40

Contact Sharon Stearns @ 250 566-1744 or e-mail wishbonetheatreproductions@gmail.com to reserve or for more info!

“Burlesque allows people to move their bodies, and fall in love with themselves. It is a celebration of bodies and people of all sizes, abilities, ages, genders and more!” (LeTabby)

Coming Nov 2024

Wishbone Theatre Presents

Vaudeville was an essential part of every community through the 1880’s to the 1920’s. It spoke to the people, celebrating, or parodying issues that resonated with the times. The idea of a variety show as a form of topical entertainment hasn’t changed and, although radio, movies, television and finally the internet has brought much of our entertainment into the home, audiences still want to be inspired through stories that offer meaningful resonance into their lives.
Vaudeville was made of comedians, singers, plate spinners, acrobats, ventriloquists, dancers, musicians, animal trainers – anyone who could keep an audience’s interest for more than three minutes. Kind of like TIK TOK – Have we come full circle?

Wishbone Theatre is excited to bring Vaudeville, a 21st century production revival, to the Robson Valley this fall. 

Stay tuned for more announcements and opportunities to be part of this unique and exciting production.

Past Performances


Western-style music, comedy, the passionate life and death struggles that inspired our western legends, and you have a new Wishbone Theatre creation celebrating the mythological power of the old west.

Falling out of Place

A murder mystery set in frontier Alberta. The intricacies of a man’s untimely end are slowly revealed as the three cast members gradually tip their cards. 

i, Human

 i, Human consists of a married couple, an elderly woman with dementia who lives in their suite, and an AI Robot. The unlikely four stumble through self-discovery and self-loss, growth and deterioration from their initial ‘programing,’ and the impact that memories, or loss of memories, have on their personal identities.

The Last Good Valley on Earth

A world collapse, a love story, Alpha Tec humans, a swamp creature, sad clown, digitally designed kitty, an asteroid carnival act, fabulous cabaret music and you have a play that welcomes you into the End of World as you never imagined it!

A Womb with a View

Maternal Monologues” is spearheaded by Valemount’s Miwa Hiroe who is directing the production with the backing of Sharon Stearns and Wishbone Theatre.

Head over Heels

Head Over Heels is a cabaret all about Love & Romance – a motif of hilarious, bittersweet, magical and passionate tales of Love – in all her remarkable incarnations!